Josh Goldman – The Story

Posted: May 18, 2011 by joshgoldmanphl in Other

And so I begin the one thing I swore I’d never do. Blog. I really hate that word. To me, it has always represented the outlandish claims by those who know not what they speak (so to speak…).

I worked at 610-WIP in 2009 when a fellow intern wrote on his blog that a member of the Philadelphia Flyers was sleeping with a teammate’s wife. If that information came to him in an acid-induced vision it would have been considerably more credible than wherever he actually got it from. But sure enough, that story gained traction (God knows how) and became newsworthy in the world of Philadelphia sports. After the Flyers were forced to respond and it came to be that this kid felt like writing a “juicy” story without any sort of reliable information, the story died and people moved on. What happened to the author of this piece of literary gold? Well he moved on as well. As a future colleague at Comcast SportsNet told me, “he’ll never work in Philadelphia again.”

Perhaps that’s an extreme example, but it’s the very reason why I hate blogs: a general lack of accountability.

That being said, in the last 10 months I’ve come in contact with a handful of blogs that I’ve grown, begrudgingly of course, to respect. Yes, respect. In my time working for the Philadelphia Eagles, I was constantly checking up on a number of sports blogs, Philadelphia-based and otherwise, to try and stay as informed as possible about the football world. Many of these sites were home to good writers with good information. So my stance on blogs has softened.

What about me? For the last six years, I’ve known that somehow I wanted to be involved in journalism. That vague idea has taken me on a journey through a good number of Philadelphia-based media companies. I’ve interned at the Philadelphia 76ers, Comcast SportsNet, NFL Films and 610-WIP. After graduating from Penn State last may, I went back to Comcast SportsNet as a production assistant only to be offered a job working for the Philadelphia Eagles four months later. I’ve spent the last nine months working for the Eagles, covering the team during the season and working with their social media platforms since. From August to February I wrote over 230 stories for as a beat writer for the team, and literally had the time of my life.

Does all that make me qualified to speak on Philadelphia sports? Maybe a little. But ask those who know me and they’ll all tell you one thing: I’ll speak on anything and everything, qualified or not.

And after all, that’s what blogs are for, right?


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